Parliamentary Updates: “You make me sick” – Speaker Bagbin to MPs

You make me sick – Speaker Bagbin to MPs


Speaker Bagbin has called on the Marshall Department to be on standby because he will be “compelled to get people arrested and sent out” for putting up indiscipline behaviors on the floor of the house. The Rt. Hon. Speaker Alban Bagbin is bent on restoring discipline and positive reputation of parliament.




He was nauseated at the chitchat, loitering about and seeming lack of readiness of some members while business had taken off in the House.
“There is no parliament that I know when the speaker is talking members of parliament are also talking. Speakers are heard in silence for good reason. What is happening in this parliament is completely unacceptable.” He tells the house.




Appalled by consistent indiscipline behavior that some members display on the floor, Mr. Speaker cries, I am not sure you have appreciation of the temperature of the country. Neither am I sure you know the arduous nature of the responsibility that is placed on your shoulders.”



 Furious that as he was addressing the issue of disruptive behavior, some members were still misbehaving, the speaker charged a member to “shut up!” He said As I’m talking the same thing happening.  The Marshall department, get ready. I will be compelled to get people arrested and sent out. You make me sick.”




He further cautioned parliamentarians to change from misconducting themselves and to accept the decision of the people and work together because Parliament is for serious national business and not a place for joking.
“The parliament we are in has never been in Ghana, even gold coast. This is a different type of parliament.”

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