Torgbui Afede XIV Supports Coastal MPs

The Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State and Founder Africa World Airlines, Sunon-Asogli Power Limited, Business mogul and an International consultant has issued a cheque worth Three Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (Gh¢300,000.00) to the Southern Volta Communities affected by the recent sea erosion.


Torgbe Afede XIV, who issued three separates’ cheques worth One Hundred Thousand (Gh¢100,000.00) each, to each MP; Abla Dzifa Gomshie, Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey and Richard Kwame Sefe MP for Ketu South, Keta and Anlo respectfully said, the cash came from the Africa World Airlines alone.



He assured that this is just an initial move to help alleviate the challenges these MPs are going through as direct representatives of the people but more cheques will come from Sunon-Asogli Power Limited and perhaps from the Asorgli State itself to complement their efforts.



According to him he’s always torch to help people in need across the country including Volta Region and “it is something that we intend to sustain, which means that we should be able to come to you again.
This is just the first time; we are concerned about disasters across the country and this is happening at the most difficult time-the long closure of the border due to COVID-19”.



He said, they understand the pains people have gone through especially in the night where the waves raise to destroy things while people are at sleep and “we have identified ourselves with this situation and that is why we have responded to the MPs’ appeal for support and I have invited you to come for our widow’s mite”



The MPs were grateful to him and the Africa World Airlines as they promised to do the needful for the victims in the affected communities within their respective constituencies to benefit from the cash donations.
Abla Dzifa Gomshie, MP for Ketu South on behalf of her colleagues lauded the Torgbui for being a shining star for the needy and destitute nationwide, “we are the next generation after you and we are the blessed ones because we have the example right in front of us. It is our duty to also be the example to the ones that are coming after us”.



She expressed gratitude for the assurance that “we are going to continue to do our best and we thank you for the assurance that, we can always come and read from the fountain of knowledge that you have”

Keta MCE allegedly diverts LBC premix fuel for Nukpesekope

Reports making rounds on WhatsApp suggests that a truckload of LBC premix fuel heading to Accra has been intercepted at Afife by the police. The premix fuel according to a WhatsApp video was intended for use by Nukpesekope fisher folks. The Keta MCE Emmanuel Gemegah is said to have allegedly diverted the LBC premix fuel meant for Nukpesekope.




It is alleged that MCE of Keta Emmanuel Gemegah is involved in the illegal act of diversion. The Police intercepted the fuel tanker at Afife and through their checks found out the waybill was signed last night by the Secretary to the LBC Jeoffrey James Ocloo, who happens to be the aide to the MCE of Keta. As at the time of filling this report, the police have sent the tanker back to the Keta Police Station for investigations to commence.

Nunya Foundation na Ewegbegbalewo Dzelukope E.P. Basic School

Nunya foundation, habɔbɔ nɔ ɖokuisi aɖe wɔ nunana tɔxe na Dzelukoƒe EP. gɔmedzesuku le Keta nutome. Nunanawo nye Eʋegbegbalẽ vovovo si wo ƒe home ade ₵1,500 kple edzivɔ.
Agbalẽawo ƒe ɖewoe nye Nyaseto 1 & 2, Nunyamɔ 2B, 3B kple 5B, Agbe Nye Nu Si Newɔe, Kesinɔnu Kple Yayra, Nya Zɔzɔ, Tɔkɔ Atɔ̃lia, Do Eʋegbe Mase I kple bubuawo.
Efo Michael Deh amesi wo ga yɔ na be Keta Yevu eye wonye Nunya Foundation hametɔ lae tia suku sia na dɔ sia wɔwɔ.

Aƒetɔ Christian Zogli, si nye habɔbɔ la ƒe zimenɔla la ɖe susu si ta woɖo habɔbɔ la gblɔ na be yewo kpɔe be gbe la dodo, eŋɔŋlɔ kple exexlẽ le to yim, eye ne ame aɖe ke meɖe afɔ ɖe eŋu o la gbea aku. Susu sia tae yewo ɖoe le Nunya Foundation be, ele be yiwo agbɔ agbe Eʋegbe la, vevietɔ le sukuviwo dome.
 Chairman Christian Zogli
Habɔbɔ la ƒe afɔ si woɖe la do dzidzɔ na sukuviwo kple nufialawo kpakple wɔna la teƒekpɔlawo katã.
Dzelukoƒe EP Gɔmedzesukutatɔ Aƒetɔ William Dumeda gblɔ le wɔna la teƒe be, taflatse, agbale siwo yewo hĩa na Eʋegbesɔsrɔ̃ la ƒe ɖeke me le yewo si o, eyata afɔɖeɖe sia do dzidzɔ na yewo alegbegbe.

Aƒetɔ William Dumeda – Tatɔ, Dzelukoƒe E.P Gɔmedzesuku
Dumegã ESK Kwau amesi wɔ dɔ kpɔ abe sukutatɔ ene le KETASCO la nɔ wɔna sia teƒe. Efa konyi tso alesi egbeviwo trɔ Eʋegbe la tatu hafi do na zi geɖe la ŋuti vevie. Eƒo abɔta na Nunya Foundation le woƒe agbagba dzedze be yewo agbɔ agbe Eʋegbe la ta eye wodoe ɖe Eʋeviwo katã le aƒe kple gbe sia gbɔ be woado alɔ habɔbɔ la hena dɔ la ƒe takeke.
Nunya Foundation do ŋgɔ wɔ nunana sia ƒomevi na Agotime Akpokɔpe DA Basic School, Agotime – Ziope nutome., Amedzikope RC Basic School, Ketu South nutome, kple Tsavanya DA Basic School, South Tongu nutome.
Nunya Foundation, tɔwo bia be ame sia ame na kpe ɖe yiwo ŋuti hena habɔbɔ la ƒe zɔɖeɖe alebe taɖodzinu si nye be Eʋegbe na nɔ agbe ne megbeviwo la na teŋu ava eme.

About 3,000 people displaced in Keta; JJ Gonami laments effect of climate change

The Tidal Waves has displaced about 3000 people in the Keta Municipality. The incident occurred on Sunday, 7 November 2021.
Following the disaster, JJ Gonami also known as Dr Gbekui is out with a new tune titled “Keta“, a piece to awaken our leaders to take up their responsibilities towards making the Keta Municipality a safe haven for indigenes again.
Gonami in a WhatsApp post said “It’s true our people are suffering! 
The farm lands are no longer bearing fruits.” He was quick to add “maybe it could also be as result of Climate change”


Affected communities include Kedzikope, Keta Central and Abutiakope. Residents were forced out of their homes while others salvaged some of their belongings onto portions of the main road waiting for the water to recede. Tidal waves have been an annual occurrence in these areas. They can be resolved when a sea defense wall is constructed.

The See Them Records boss in his new song #KETA calls on the authorities’ to do the needful, saying, “Keta used to be the Volta Regional Capital back in the days but due to havocs wrecked by the angry ocean, it was moved to Ho”.
He bemoans the lack of livelihoods in which has led to many youths seeking greener pastures elsewhere.  “Now when our fathers go fishing they usually come back home with nothing.  This has made a lot of youths to travel  to Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Akosombo, Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina Faso among others” Gonami said in a post.
 JJ Gonami laments greatly about the severity of what these people they go through to survive. The Dzidzɔkpɔkpɔ singer sounded so broken when he said “Only God knows what happens to them over there . Some of them die over there and they remove their finger nails and hair and bring back to the country to burry.  Only God knows the number school going age who died in the Akosombo Lake”.
The crime rate in Volta region is on the upward surge. Dr. Gbekui alludes this to the lack livelihoods and calls for urgent attention to salvage the situation. 
He says “I am pleading with our Chiefs , Assemblymen , Opinion leaders , Investors to come to the aid of my people”
by Nutifafa Feyi
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