UTAG Update: 73.5% of lecturers from 6 public universities vote against suspension of strike

UTAG ƒe agladzedze : Nufialawo 73% tso sukukɔkɔ 6 me meda asi  ɖe edzi be yewo ƒe aƒetsitsi la nawu nu o



Univɛsity nufialawo le sukukɔkɔ ade aɖewo me le dukɔme da akɔ be yewo melɔ̃ ɖe yewo ƒe tatɔwo ƒe yɔyɔ be ne yewo atrɔ yi suku la dzi o.
Nufiala siawo dometɔ aɖewo nye nufialawo le Winneba sukukɔkɔ, Legon sukukɔkɔ, University of Energy and Natural Resources, Kwame Nrumah University of Science and Technology kple University of Professional studies le Gɛ.


Le akɔdada la vɔ megbe la wo kpɔ be sukukɔkɔ ade siawo ƒe nufialawo akpag7ãtɔ me da si ɖe UTAG tatɔwo fe didi be yewoa gbugbɔ ayi nufiaƒe o. Le Winneba sukukɔkɔ me la nufiala 68 da akɔ tsi tre ɖe yɔyɔ la ŋu ke ame 60 yia da akɔ be yewoa trɔ yi aɖa fia nu abe alesi UTAG tatɔwo gblɔe la ene.


Le Legon sukukɔkɔ me la nɔnɔme la me to vo kura o elabe nufiala 596 da akɔ he ɖo kpe edzi be yewo mayi nufiaƒe o eye 127 yia da akɔ helɔ̃ be yewoa trɔ yi aɖa fia nu.


Ame 147 ye da akɔ  be ye wo magbugbɔ ayi dɔ me o ke ame  63 l4 le University of Energy and Natural Resources me be ye wo atrɔ yi nufiadɔ la me.


Le Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), hã la nufiala si wo da akɔ lɔ̃ ɖe ɖoɖoa dzi la de ame 211 eye ame 654 gbe be ye wo melɔ̃ ɖe edzi o.


Nufiala 107 gbe ɖoɖoa eye ame 63 lɔ̃ ɖe edzi le University of Professional Studies le Gɛ.


Ke nu si dzɔ le University of Health and Allied Sciences lãmese dzɔdzɔme ŋuti nunya srɔƒe me la tovovo sã le sukukɔkɔ bubuawo gbɔ. Ame akpagãtɔ si ƒe xexleme nye 85 la da akɔ ɖe ɖoɖo la edzi be yewo atrɔ yi suku aɖa fianu ɖeviwo, ke wo dome ame 39 be yewo melɔ̃ o.


Akɔdada metsonuwo katã ƒe ƒuƒoƒo fia be nufialagãwo ƒe mama ɖe alafa dzi 73.5% melɔ̃ ɖe UTAG ƒe akametia ƒe ɖoɖo be nufialawo ƒe aƒetsitsi, si le edzi yim abe kɔsiɖa ade kple edzi vɔwo ene, na wu nu la dzi o.


Univɛsity si le Cape Coast kple sukukɔkɔ bubu aɖewo me da akɔ ɖe sukukɔkɔwo ƒe aɖaŋuɖoha la ƒe ɖoɖo sia dzi haɖe o.


Gake Agbalesrɔ̃nyawo dzikpɔdɔwɔƒe la ƒe nyanuɖela Kwasi Kwateng gblɔ be sukukɔkɔwo ƒe aɖaŋuɖoha la ƒe ɖoɖo be UTAG nufialwo ƒe aƒetsitsi la na wu nu la metrɔ o, togbɔ be ame aɖe gbe exɔxɔ de eme hã.


Togbɔ be akɔdada la le edzi yim hã la, nufiafia kple nusɔsrɔ̃ adze egɔme le Kwame Nkrumah Univɛsity  Sukukɔkɔ, Cape Coast Univɛsity  Sukukɔkɔ,  University of Development Studies (UDS); Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) kple University of Ghana, Legon me le Dzoɖagbe Dzodze ƒe ŋkeke 28.
dr adutsum

UTAG Strike: Gov’t hopeful lectures will resume soon

Nutis.org monitoring citi news today, gathers that the Education Minister Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum is positive about university lecturers returning to the lecture halls soon. He however failed to disclose the decisions taken at  his outfits meeting with Vice Chancellors of public universities.  



 Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum told citi news “We met with the Vice-Chancellors of the various universities and discussed a number of issues, bordering around how to get our university teachers, without whom schools will not run back to the lecture halls.”



“Some important decisions were made and I am glad about the outcome. We are going to follow through to ensure that the strike is called off in the coming days.”



UTAG has since 2012 raised red flags over government’s unwillingness to meeting its needs.


In 2012, a lecturer’s basic plus market premium was pegged at $2,084.42. UTAG members basic premiums currently is at $997.84. 


Earlier on citi news, the National Secretary of UTAG, Dr. Asare Asante-Annor said “The lawyer made it clear that we signed a couple of MOAs [in the past], but the employer has not shown any good faith anytime the MOAs were signed’’


UTAG has been on strike since January 10 to force the government to restore the conditions of service agreed upon in 2012.