Ukrainians head home ready to die for their country

Source: BBC

In Przemyśl on the Polish-Ukrainian border, women and children are arriving on foot with only the belongings they can carry – leaving husbands, fathers, brothers and sons behind to fight.

But there also is a steady stream of men aged under 45 walking in the opposite direction into Ukraine to defend their country. They are mostly Ukrainian men living abroad, and we’ve been told of some coming from as far afield as Canada.

I meet a man waiting for a train to Ukraine.

He says: “I was a corporal in the army. From 2017 I’ve been working here in Poland. I must go back now quickly for the war. I am from the army, that’s why I must go back.”

I ask him if he is frightened and he says: “No, I’m not scared because I’m going to defend my country. I’ve earned money here. But this is my country, my land. I must defend it. I must go back and I must defend my country.”

I ask him if he’s prepared to die and he replies: “Yes, for my country I’m prepared to die.”

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