Adenta Fire: Man jumps from 2nd floor to escape flames

Fire has gutted a two-bedroom apartment in the Adenta SSNIT Flats early Thursday morning.



Residents woke up to fiery flames consuming the second floor of block 51 room number A6.
The occupant of the apartment known by neighbors only as Mr. Adase is a lawyer, a medical doctor and a pastor, believed to be in his 60s.



Eyewitnesses say the elderly man, in order to escape the flames, had to jump out from the building through his balcony and landing head first, on a poly tank outside. He is taken to the hospital for treatment.



All his belongings are eaten up in the flames.



Narrating the incident an occupants of the first floor of the same flat who reported the fire to the Adenta Fire officers said that one of her little girls at 6:15 this morning, alerted her about the fire when they were getting ready to go out for the day’s business.



Another neighbor said when “we saw it we knocked on his door but he wouldn’t open. He lives as a lone ranger, and he’s not in good terms with anybody in the entire building.”



The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained.

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