Comms. Minister updates parliament on Rural Telephony and Digital Inclusion Project

In Parliament on Tuesday, MP for North Dayi Joycelyn Tetteh and MP for Kpando Dela Sower took turns to ask the Minister for Communication and Digitalization Ursula Owusu about the current stages of the Ghana Rural Telephony and Digital Inclusion Project in their respective constituencies.   


Joycelyn Tetteh MP for North Dayi raised concerns about the absence of network connectivity in Tsrukpe, Botoku and Tsorxor and enquired of the Communication Ministry’s plans to provide access to telephone networks for these areas.


Madam Ursula Owusu responded that as part of the phase 1 of the project, the Ghana Investment Funds for Electronic Communications GIFEC has built a site at Tsorxor, ready to be activated. Nevertheless, that will take until the end of this year to accomplish. She noted that a connectivity drive test from Tsrukpe and Botoku have been undertaken and the site will be constructed in the second phase of the project.



Hon Joycelyn Tetteh, MP, North Dayi


She tells the house, “My information is that all network operators currently do not have any coverage plans for the community. But will provide services on the Rural Telephony Network to these communities once it’s completed.”
The MP reminded the Minister that, The project at Tsorxor started last year and the people were promised that before the end of the year, the project will be completed. I will be pleased on behalf of my people from Tsorxor if the minister can give them assurance when the project will be completed in Tsorxor.”
Madam Ursula Owusu, Minister of Communication


“We need to complete phase 1 before we start phase 2.  phase one is ongoing and as I will say categorically that by the end of this year Tsorxor  should have it signed up because the contractors are back on the project and are working actively as we speak”. The minister detailed.



Joycelyn Tetteh again asked for assurances for the people of Tsrukpe and Botoku was informed there is the need to secure funding for the phase 2. In addition, to that sites for masts in these communities are being identified before the phase 2 commences.


The minister intervened sayingI cannot give you an assurance as to when that will start” because “there are many communities that don’t have connectivity but the available technology may not be applicable for those communities….. “


Similar issues on mobile connectivity, were raised by Member of Parliament for Kpando  Mrs. Dela Sowah who acknowledged that  some work has begun in Gbefi Tornu and is it nearing completion.
Hon. Dela Sowah, MP, Kpando Constituency
Meanwhile, land has been acquired in Kudzra for construction to commence. However, no specific timelines were provided for the commencement of work in Kudzra, and Sovie communities.
The minister reacting to issues of poor mobile connectivity said, MNT with presence in Torko, has also captured Sovie in their 2022 network rollout plan for connectivity and noted further that the remaining communities namely Dafoe Tornu and Torkor will be considered in phase 2 of the Rural Telephony and Digital Inclusion Project.
Her attention was immediately  drawn to the problematic nature of MTN connections in the aforementioned areas and she said “……. I will notify MTN and ask them to work on the connectivity issues in that community.”
The Ghana Rural Telephony and Digital Inclusion Project is part of government effort to spread basic telephone voice and data connectivity to every part of the country.  

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