AFCON 22: Senegal, Egypt trust local leagues

So the Tarenga Lions roared to their first victory in the AFCON championship making history.


The penalty shootout ended 4-2 in favor of Senegal. The whole of West Africa is rejoicing with their neighbor. On #WhatDeyHappen yesterday, some lessons were pointed out, which Ghana could use and better the Black Starts’ performance in their next competition.


Lesson 1. The choice of a Senegalese citizen coach.


Lesson 2. Trust for their local league.


Lesson 3. The choice of local players


Lesson 4. The nation had patience with the coach to build a winning team


Lesson 5. Mutual respect between players and coach


Lesson 6. No language barrier
Lesson 7. No government interference.


Kafui’s first speaker Gavin Ane was happy that at least the AFCON trophy is in West Africa. He praised Senegal for the choice of keeping a local coach Cise for 7 years and engaging local players. That decision has finally paid off and that Ghana could draw some inspiration from them.


Ghana not featuring local players in this competition is a sign of distrust for the local league. Not even the tops scorer in the Ghanaian league featured in the national squad.


The Egyptian side featured 22 local players and they even have a rule protects the interest of their local players.


To Gavin’s it is wrong to sack the coach of a team while the management team remains at post.

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