Do Not Fail Yourself  – Gonami to fellow creative arts

See Them Music Emperor JJ Gonami has chided artists to toughen themselves and in the game and stop the ‘volta people no dey support thema own issues’.



The Dzidzorkporkpor singer said “Nothing good comes easy. Nobody owes anybody anything.” and  no successful person had an easy story; there is a struggle behind every success so this support your own thing, which has become a hymn for some self entitled artists, won’t help but only kill their crafts even further.

“Menya ame ade fe nutinya o, menya fu yi gator ade kpe hafi vazu gator egbea o. you have to support yourself first before someone supports you.”


He encouraged that instead of beefing people about not supporting one’s craft, people should channel that energy into something profitable in order not to fail themselves.

You have to support yourself even if nobody supports you have to support yourself first” he said.

He added “Work on yourself, make good music and master the art of social media so you can sell yourself and your product online.”


Making reference to the Volta Religion, he said there is not a single sponsor on the show but is sure that industry players are watching and if this goes well the next project would be flooded with many sponsors.


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