Ghana remains favorite investment destination – Yofi Grant asserts listening to the Citi Business Festival on-air series Tuesday morning, heard the CEO of GIPC, Yofi Grant speak on opportunities in Ghana. According to him, Ghana is politically stable, has a resilient economy growing at 5.4% and people who are optimistic. He stressed that these are strong keys for good business targets that attract investors.
The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) asserts that Ghana remains a favorable investment destination, despite the impact of COVID-19 and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.


The Centre CEO Yofi Grant said Ghana has a matchless selling proposition that is attractive to investors the world over.


“In 2021 when many countries were still reeling from the effects of the pandemic and even now with the Russia-Ukraine war, Ghana’s economic growth is 5.4% and the World Bank projected that it will grow at an average of 5.2% in the next three years. So it is not all gloomy as it is painted. It is pretty attractive. We are very optimistic that if we stay on course, we will get where we are going.”
 “Those are the factors that investors want to see,” he said.



The GIPC is the focal agency responsible for attracting & promoting investment into the country.


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