Remove NDC trees – Oti Regional Minister orders

The Oti Regional Minister, Joshua Makubu, has ordered that trees planted by the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to observe the June 4 anniversary this year be removed. He said the school is not a place to plant trees to commemorate the June 4 uprising. The minister was addressing the media at Kpasa Senior High Technical School during the ‘Green Ghana Day’ event.



He noted that people detest June 4 uprising due to the untold hardship they experienced in that era therefore “it is not an occasion to plant trees that will keep hurting such families as the NDC did.” “We cannot sit down as a country, as a Municipality, as a Region or a School and allow trees to be planted on a compound to signify this day where people lost their lives.”
He claims he has no problem with the National Democratic Congress planting trees but the context and rationale are wrong.


“Let me make it clear. I will never, under any circumstances, prevent any political party from planting trees in the Oti Region. But for a political party to plant trees on a school compound, and especially, to commemorate an event that brought pain and loss of livelihood to other people, Joshua Makubu will  never support that.”
Mr Makubu has since directed the Nkwanta South MCE, Bright Lenwah, to make ensure that the trees are uprooted.
If you want to plant your party trees, get a land, invite us and we’ll come but not on a school belonging to the country,” he added.


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