Hard work, consistency makes mature music – Lukhaid Oba

Versatile singer, song writer and performer Lukhaid Oba advice himself and colleague artists, particularly, the underground arts to work hard and be consistent in their craft so as to churn out knowledge based but fun music, which would be appreciated by the young and old no matter their location.


He tells nutis.org  it is important for creative artists to invest time, energy and cash into research work to come out with good products. Noting that no matter how difficult the situation is quality work is what discerning fans want.
Lukhaid Oba who’s real name is Feyi Mawulorm said “I have seen change in the way I write. I see progress and my new songs are different comparing to the old ones.  I have realized that continuous research into issues bring some freshness and maturity into a person’s craft.   Consistency is key”.
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He acknowledges also that the times are hard and that studio times have become expensive especially for young artists who wish to venture into the art of music and said that however, if music is your passion, still sacrifice to make it and see it as a business. “as a business you need to make your work visible to the world by selling it online while promoting it on your social media. That is one way to cut cost and start making some money. He fame and the big money will come later”


Lukhaid Oba, a professional teacher at Awate Todzi keeps sharpening his skills with his make shift recording studio at his station in the Kpando district of the Volta Region and coaching some teenagers in the area to develop their musical talents. Under his tutelage currently, are four youngsters aged between 14 and 16. He teaches them art of song writing and recording vocals.
His single, Amevordi is due for release ahead of JJ Gonami’s ‘Volta Religion Concert’ on March 6 in Kpando.
Expect Lukhaid Oba’s work in all digital music stores soon and follow him on all social media platforms.


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