‘I did not give permission to Adwoa Safo to be absent from Parliament’ -Speaker Bagbin

Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumana Bagbin has refuted media reports that he permitted the MP for Dome Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo to be absent from the house on health grounds. He said this on Thursday’s parliamentary sitting and urged the public to ignore such false news.   



The speaker indicated, “It’s important I diffuse some fake news, which is being circulated that I granted an interview to say that Adwoa Safo received permission from me to absent herself from Parliament on health grounds. I want it to be known by all, that I have not granted any such interview anywhere. I’ve not said anything like that anywhere.”
“And the votes and proceedings of the House are so loud that if she’s absent without permission for all those days, that’s on the votes and proceedings of the House.”



According to him, parliament has its own processes of determining whether an MP is present or absent and this not in his power.
“It’s not the Speaker who determines who is present and who is absent. No. The votes and proceedings will capture those who’re present, those who’re absent and those who’re absent with permission” he explained.


The Rt. Hon. Speaker indicated he is eager to address the issue of MPs absenteeism in later sittings.
And that’s why I don’t want to delay in letting the world know that I have not said any such thing anywhere. Please. And tomorrow, I’m going to address the issue of absentee MPs very very clearly for everybody to understand.” Alban Bagbin added.



Adwoa Safo has been absent in Parliament for some time now. This has led her being accused by some of her colleague MPs, of deliberately attempting to sabotage the majority in parliament.

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