Keta MCE allegedly diverts LBC premix fuel for Nukpesekope

Reports making rounds on WhatsApp suggests that a truckload of LBC premix fuel heading to Accra has been intercepted at Afife by the police. The premix fuel according to a WhatsApp video was intended for use by Nukpesekope fisher folks. The Keta MCE Emmanuel Gemegah is said to have allegedly diverted the LBC premix fuel meant for Nukpesekope.




It is alleged that MCE of Keta Emmanuel Gemegah is involved in the illegal act of diversion. The Police intercepted the fuel tanker at Afife and through their checks found out the waybill was signed last night by the Secretary to the LBC Jeoffrey James Ocloo, who happens to be the aide to the MCE of Keta. As at the time of filling this report, the police have sent the tanker back to the Keta Police Station for investigations to commence.

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