Too much political interference killing institutions – What Dey go on…?

On What dey go on today, Kafui and his panelist expressed grave concerns about the invisible hands o government at play in many public institutions. These interferences hinder meaningful and tangible development in the country and utter disregard for the law. There is also the suspicion that the leaders have become so afraid of the led and hence cannot do what is right for fear of losing power in the next election.



The police have arrested Angel Daniel Obinim founder of the Godsway International Church for fixing a siren on his V8 four-wheel drive and fined GC1,200. Kafui Dey thinks it is great news for Ghanaian police to start generating some money for the nation by fining some of this people who just flouts the law with impunity.



Kafui Dey on his interactive ‘What Dey Happen’ show on Facebook audio room got some interesting responses from his speakers on Obinim’s arrest and fine as well as other news which made headlines today. The conversation between host Kafui and Empress sought to agree with some Ghanaian calling for bodycams to fixed on police officer manning our roads in order for us to have video evidence of every happening on the road.


 A contributor who goes by the name Empress Nsroma on Facebook thinks ‘it’s a good’ and hopes IGP Dampare goes on with it. Empress suspects Dampare’s fire to ensure the police and road users alike do right on the road has dampen and believes the unseen hands of the politician is at play.



Empress Nsuroma and the host Kafui Dey further discussed the operation clean your frontage and how civilians broke tables on the taskforce and pelted stones at them.  Servicemen supervising the exercise at Kwame Nkruma Circle eventually had to leave the place without finishing task at hand.  


Other topical issues touched on included the arrest of Captain Smart. Kasise Ricky Peprah expressed concern about people who use their platforms as journalists not for the good of the people but rather for their own selfish gains. He said ‘people in the business of journalism with a voice begin to flirt with or clamor for the attention of influential people and those in authority. Mentioning specifically that this type of misbehavior started since the days of Kweku Sakyi Addo of Kweku-One-On-One fame. These double standards by some big names in the field of journalism hugely affects what goes on in the country.


What dey go is really a show you must follow each day on Facebook from 7:30pm to 8:30pm with Kafui Dey. Join real people with emotions to express genuine concerns of events happening in the country.


Feel free to express yourself in pidgin English. E be fun waaa

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