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NLC; The bridge across Ghanaian language barriers

Our services:

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Why You Need A Professional Language Translation Services Company …….

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We transcribe your audio and audio-visual files in the Ewe language as well as in the English language.

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Voice over recordings

We record your commercials, jingles, documentaries, drama, educational materials in the Ewe language.

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Proofreading Services

Looking for high quality proofreading for your works in the Ewe language, a fast turnaround time, and confidentiality, all for a very affordable price? NLC is just the entity you need.

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Reading Clinic

We organize workshops and reading clinics, mostly for children on the importance of knowing, understanding and speaking indigenous Ghanaian languages. 

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Games and Apps

Develop games and apps to make the teaching of  Ewe language fun and interesting. 


The language market, worldwide is thriving. There is never a news of recession hitting this business and service providers always have a job to do. The Ghanaian language market has a huge potential to create more than enough jobs for the many translators, transcriptionists, voice over artists etc. and get them paid really well for what they are worth.



 Nutis Language Consult seeks to become the most reliable Ghanaian language service provider, providing accurate transcription and translation solutions for writers, students/professors, and businesses.



Therefore in the near future, NLC with the assembly of native speakers who are professional Ghanaian Language translators, will put their individual experiences and expertise together to offer high-quality services at affordable rates and quick turnaround times.


Currently, our services are limited to translating from English as the source language into the Ewe, Ga, Asante Twi, Fante, and Hausa languages.
Other Ghanaian languages (Dangme, Nzema, Dagbani, Kasem, Dagaare, Gonja) will be added on with time. 



We also transcribe, subtitle and run voice overs in both English and Ewe languages for our clients.


You are assured of confidentiality and 99.9% accurate translation no matter the size of the project.


Call us at +233 548 910948
WhatsApp at +233244263296 anytime as we are open on Mondays-Thursday.


You can also send us a message through our contact us form.


NLC, we are your bridge across Ghanaian language barriers.

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