Central Tongu: New Hope RC School needs classrooms, furniture

Pupils of the New Hope RC School kneel in the sand during lessons. The school has no classrooms, desks and other amenities to make learning attractive. There are no trained teachers but leaders of Bakpa Dzave in the Adidome district through their own efforts, ensure the school is running, regardless of the challenging situation.


The Bakpa-Dzave community in the Adidome district started the School 9 years ago through a self-help project. The school now has pupils in the kindergarten up to JHS 2. It has 4 SHS graduates as teachers  and they happen to be natives of the community. They believe that they must contribute their own quota to the well-being of the younger ones, besides this is their home and only they can make it better now before help comes.

Mr. Delight Akah is secretary to the headman of the community. In a telephone conversation with nutis.org, he commended the pupil teachers currently at post for doing extremely well but was worried about the lack of trained teachers to get the pioneers ready for the next BECE. He told this blog that the community is in touch with the GES and hopes the community school is assigned some professional teachers ahead of BECE next year.

Delight Akah also tells us the community puts resources together to pay the pupil teachers an amount between 70 and 80 Cedis a month.  He acknowledges it is woefully inadequate but that is their strength. He emphasized, they explain the  spirit and benefits of communality to the young teachers before they take up the job.

He says their biggest challenges are the lack of school building and furniture for pupils and teachers.

The KG and most of the primary school pupils were recently blessed with some writing materials by the Home of Vision Foundation.


Mr. Delight Akah is appealing to natives of Bakpa-Dzave who live outside the community, as well as NGO’s to come to their aid so they can put up classroom structures and buy furniture for effective teaching and learning.



 Bakpa Dzave also lacks potable water. Members buy water from neighboring communities for their daily use. According to Mr. Akah, pipes have been laid over six months ago but they are yet to see the water flow.


In order to get water to cook one has to buy a barrel of water at 4 cedis every day. For drinking, they buy sachet water and for washing they fetch water from this contaminated pond.

Ho West: MP donates office equipment to Anfoeta Traditional Council

The Anfoeta traditional council,  according to the paramount chief Togbe Kwasi Drah VII, can now operate in independence and not worry about “stepping on anyone’s foot.” Anfoeta has served under the Asogli Traditional Council for many years and has made some gains as well as some loses. However as a child, Anfoeta is weaned off its mother’s and so has attained a Traditional Council status.


Togbe Kwasi Drah VII indicated that, “the Volta Regional House of Chiefs recently came to inspect what we have before asking to be independent and were shocked to see our facilities. This is why we’re thankful to our MP for his continues assistance in making this a reality.”

 The Ho West MP, Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah in order to help the paramaountcy meet the necessary requirement of its new status, led a delegation to donate office equipment to the Paramount Chief of Anfoeta, Togbe Kwasi Drah VII last Sunday.

The items include office desks with swivel chairs, two desktop computers and a printer.

Togbe Kwasi Drah VII commended the MP for being consistent in his development agenda for the area. Mr. Bedzrah was prominent in the construction of a technical school which is currently fully equipped with the necessary facilities in the area.


He however noted with regret that all efforts to get the school absorbed into the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council has proven futile.

The chief expressed his frustration when he said, “this government is already in its 6th year and even after writing tens of letters, we’re still waiting for them to officially give us the TVET status. Our facilities here can even be equated to that of Technical Universities so I don’t know the difficulty in granting us the status of a senior high technical school for our children to benefit from.”

The Member of Parliament for Ho West, Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah assured Togbe that he would appeal to the Ministry of Education to expedite action in absorbing the Weto Community Technical School into the GES/TVET Mainstream or re-establish it as a Modern IT hub where computer courses could run.


He commended the Paramount chief, sub-chiefs and people of the Anfoeta Traditional area for their quality leadership that has resulted in absolute peace, which he noted was a prerequisite for development of every community.

Do Not Fail Yourself  – Gonami to fellow creative arts

See Them Music Emperor JJ Gonami has chided artists to toughen themselves and in the game and stop the ‘volta people no dey support thema own issues’.



The Dzidzorkporkpor singer said “Nothing good comes easy. Nobody owes anybody anything.” and  no successful person had an easy story; there is a struggle behind every success so this support your own thing, which has become a hymn for some self entitled artists, won’t help but only kill their crafts even further.

“Menya ame ade fe nutinya o, menya fu yi gator ade kpe hafi vazu gator egbea o. you have to support yourself first before someone supports you.”


He encouraged that instead of beefing people about not supporting one’s craft, people should channel that energy into something profitable in order not to fail themselves.

“You have to support yourself even if nobody supports you have to support yourself first” he said.

He added “Work on yourself, make good music and master the art of social media so you can sell yourself and your product online.”


Making reference to the Volta Religion, he said there is not a single sponsor on the show but is sure that industry players are watching and if this goes well the next project would be flooded with many sponsors.


All set for JJ Gonami’s Volta Religion Concert

On Sunday the 6th of March 2022, Kpando will come alive with budding talents to entertain people who will be gathered at the Kpando Sports Stadium at &pm till day break.  Nutis.org has been speaking with Dr. Gbekui who said, after some consultations with the chiefs and elders of the Akpini Community, the coast is cleared for the Volta Religion concert to take off.  



JJ Gonami tells us the reason behind the name ‘Volta Religion’. He said it is a movement that was birthed to “project our culture. we cannot hide our identity we are promoting the culture through music.”



The movement, he says started two years ago when his Volta Religion EP was released, but could not be promoted due to Covid 19. Therefore, this is an opportune time to let fans have the real feel of the EP. To do that he decided to tour the Volta and Oti Regions with  Kpando being the first stop has over 60 talents billed to perform at the Kpando Sports Stadium.



This regional tour project would help Gonami also known as Dr. Gbekui to sell the ‘See Them’ brand as well as help other artists to also showcase what they’ve got.



come and be treated to good music from the likes of Bishop Mclander, Tokz, Agbeshie, Captan, Hans Bekx, Lukhaid Oba and Dr. Gbekui himself among others.



Also “I’m happy to announce that I have 4 top musicians coming to surprise my fans on Sunday 6th March at Kpando Sports Stadium ”. He posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday.