Do Not Fail Yourself  – Gonami to fellow creative arts

See Them Music Emperor JJ Gonami has chided artists to toughen themselves and in the game and stop the ‘volta people no dey support thema own issues’.



The Dzidzorkporkpor singer said “Nothing good comes easy. Nobody owes anybody anything.” and  no successful person had an easy story; there is a struggle behind every success so this support your own thing, which has become a hymn for some self entitled artists, won’t help but only kill their crafts even further.

“Menya ame ade fe nutinya o, menya fu yi gator ade kpe hafi vazu gator egbea o. you have to support yourself first before someone supports you.”


He encouraged that instead of beefing people about not supporting one’s craft, people should channel that energy into something profitable in order not to fail themselves.

“You have to support yourself even if nobody supports you have to support yourself first” he said.

He added “Work on yourself, make good music and master the art of social media so you can sell yourself and your product online.”


Making reference to the Volta Religion, he said there is not a single sponsor on the show but is sure that industry players are watching and if this goes well the next project would be flooded with many sponsors.


All set for JJ Gonami’s Volta Religion Concert

On Sunday the 6th of March 2022, Kpando will come alive with budding talents to entertain people who will be gathered at the Kpando Sports Stadium at &pm till day break. has been speaking with Dr. Gbekui who said, after some consultations with the chiefs and elders of the Akpini Community, the coast is cleared for the Volta Religion concert to take off.  



JJ Gonami tells us the reason behind the name ‘Volta Religion’. He said it is a movement that was birthed to “project our culture. we cannot hide our identity we are promoting the culture through music.”



The movement, he says started two years ago when his Volta Religion EP was released, but could not be promoted due to Covid 19. Therefore, this is an opportune time to let fans have the real feel of the EP. To do that he decided to tour the Volta and Oti Regions with  Kpando being the first stop has over 60 talents billed to perform at the Kpando Sports Stadium.



This regional tour project would help Gonami also known as Dr. Gbekui to sell the ‘See Them’ brand as well as help other artists to also showcase what they’ve got.



come and be treated to good music from the likes of Bishop Mclander, Tokz, Agbeshie, Captan, Hans Bekx, Lukhaid Oba and Dr. Gbekui himself among others.



Also “I’m happy to announce that I have 4 top musicians coming to surprise my fans on Sunday 6th March at Kpando Sports Stadium ”. He posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

Hard work, consistency makes mature music – Lukhaid Oba

Versatile singer, song writer and performer Lukhaid Oba advice himself and colleague artists, particularly, the underground arts to work hard and be consistent in their craft so as to churn out knowledge based but fun music, which would be appreciated by the young and old no matter their location.


He tells  it is important for creative artists to invest time, energy and cash into research work to come out with good products. Noting that no matter how difficult the situation is quality work is what discerning fans want.
Lukhaid Oba who’s real name is Feyi Mawulorm said “I have seen change in the way I write. I see progress and my new songs are different comparing to the old ones.  I have realized that continuous research into issues bring some freshness and maturity into a person’s craft.   Consistency is key”.
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He acknowledges also that the times are hard and that studio times have become expensive especially for young artists who wish to venture into the art of music and said that however, if music is your passion, still sacrifice to make it and see it as a business. “as a business you need to make your work visible to the world by selling it online while promoting it on your social media. That is one way to cut cost and start making some money. He fame and the big money will come later”


Lukhaid Oba, a professional teacher at Awate Todzi keeps sharpening his skills with his make shift recording studio at his station in the Kpando district of the Volta Region and coaching some teenagers in the area to develop their musical talents. Under his tutelage currently, are four youngsters aged between 14 and 16. He teaches them art of song writing and recording vocals.
His single, Amevordi is due for release ahead of JJ Gonami’s ‘Volta Religion Concert’ on March 6 in Kpando.
Expect Lukhaid Oba’s work in all digital music stores soon and follow him on all social media platforms.

Authentic traditional sounds would put me on the map – Hans Bekx

Hans Bekx, known in real life as Hans Enyonam Brechum, believes that traditional authentic sounds is what would make him stand out enough to rock shoulders with world class musicians on the international scene.
He’s been receiving some wise counsels from ace flutist Dela Botri with whom he has begun a project on one Ewe folk sound ‘zigi’. Work on the project resumes as soon as Dela finishes work on his the release of his new album.
Bekx in an exclusive interview with mentioned that his 2 decade music journey has been ‘rough and tough’. However, support from friends and family coupled with the grace of Mawugã, has brought him thus far. Hans Bekx therefore, remains grateful to the likes of V&V, Sakordie, Edem, Blak Rasta, Sheriffa Gunu, Guru among others who helped him willingly to shine his light.
The Brita Dae hit maker has just released a new single called Beautiful after Egblegedi with Chief One a couple of weeks ago. He hinted that an EP titled ‘Keep Smiling’ is in the offing.
While advising colleagues to keep pushing, Hans says the only way to attract support is if you have a good product.


He told this site that he has mounted many platforms and the biggest and most impactful so far is the CEANA virtual platform which has widened his scope of network.


Hans Bekx also shared some everyday challenges of a growing artist with us. “Many times I get invited by friends to play shows and I don’t get paid for it but that is how to keep sharpening my skills and preparing for the future.”


He told this reporter in a telephone conversation that even though it puts pressure on his finances he still considers those acts of sacrifices as a form of investment.  “it bothers me financially because people think you can help them because they see you on big stages for shows and if you’re not able to assist them they see you as stingy person.”



He also intimated that when this happens continuously then recording new tracks or shooting new videos and even branding as a musician becomes a difficulty.
Speaking on the impact that Della Botri has made on his career, Hans Bekx said that he has learnt a lot from the ace musician and now has more implicit insight into music, particularly original and authentic African sounds and music. “daddy has made me to understand that I can create my own original sound even with mouth and not always depend on auto sound to make my music.”
Alongside music, Bekx hangs out with some non-profit organizations; Free Inspiration for All and One Village Alliance to train young men and women in the sports of basketball and American football.
Look out for Hans Bekx at the Volta Religion Concert, which comes off on the 6th March and hosted by the See Them boss Dr. Gbekui JJ Gonami at the Kpando Sport Stadium on the 6th of March 2020. 

Follow hans Bekx on all social media handles and stream his music on all digital stores. 

Chief One’s ‘Here I come’ Ep launches on Monday

Chief One’s ‘Here I Come Ep’ is due to be launched on Monday.



The Ep, which features his hit track Young boy and other amazing danceable tunes by the president of #LawadaRepublique, seeks to give you lyrical orgasms every time you listen to it.


Fall in love with the #Whatistdat Ewe rap genius, makes his own original sounds peculiar to him and projects what is local to his nativity.


 Chief One interacted with his fast growing fan base to some on Facebook with some of his tracks.
He showed gratitude to fans from across the globe saying “you people give me love, if they wrote me off you people dey for me”.


It is worth noting that Chief One is  fast becoming a global art with fans from all over Africa, Europe and so on.
He encouraged other artists wherever they may be especially those from the volta region of Ghana to “prepare for the game before they come out” and before long they “will be loud.”
He told the teeming fans about how he was discouraged from employing the Ewe language in his songs but he knew that “Ewe will be bold”. “It is a process and Ewe language is almost there.”
 Refering to himself as the Street, Chief One sees the Volta Region as an ocean of creatives and it is only a matter of time they will be “loud”.
It appropriate that the gentleman acknowledged #ElormBeenie, #EdemAgbana, #Edem, #Hairlegbe and #DelaFinn for throwing their heavyweights behind the lawadaRepublique.



Chief One is present  on all social media handles. 

Seyram Music visits The Amissah-Arthur Learning Center

Seyram with some students at the center


Talented Ewe folk song art Seyram Music was over the weekend at Abor in the Volta Region, for a song collaboration with radio engineer DJComma. The yet to be released track ‘gbogborvor’ tells you to ignore your critics, keep being resilient and your crown of victory is assured.

Seyram’s announcement of the trip on Facebook caught the eye of a VIP fan, Uncle Ben Dotsei Malor who requested of him (Seyram) to visit learners at the Amissah-Arthur Learning Center in Ohawu. After his program at Abor, Seyram indeed went to the center to interact with the students. The students took turns to appreciate Uncle Ben for his continual support.

Chief Editor of the UN Dailies Ben Dotsei Malor is an ardent fan and supporter of Seyram Music. This is probably because Seyram chose to revive some fond childhood/youthhood memories in uncle Ben and this is evident in one of his posts on Facebook.

He expressed such gratitude to Seyram for taking time off his schedule to surprise the students with his visit. He encouraged all and sandry to keep adhering to the COVID protocols called on those who have not yet taken the vaccine to do so.

The Amissah-Arthur Learning Center in Ohawu in the Ketu North Municipality was built in honor of Ghana’s former vice president late Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur to promote reading habits among school children.

The facility which consist a library, an 18-seater computer laboratory, reading area and board games sector was initiated by Uncle Ben Dotsei Malor, founder of Torna Foundation. It cost $50,000.

by Nutifafa Feyi