Dɔwɔnyawo – Verbs

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This is a one-stop shop for Eʋe words for learners, researchers, translators and users of the Ewegbe generally. 

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Dɔwɔnyawo/ wɔnafianyawo nye nya si ɖea nuwɔna aɖe fiana le nyagbe me. Egaɖea nuwɔla aɖewo (subject) ƒe nɔnɔme fiana le gaƒoƒo aɖewo me le nyagbe me. Enɔa dɔwɔƒe. 

Dɔwɔnyawo  – verbs

English Eʋegbe

cheat ba
mix baka
cooked, be done bi
be angrybi dzi
ask, request, demand bia
be envious, be jealousbiã ŋku/ŋu
bind, unite, tie, join, pack, wrapbla
deceive ble
stranded, helplessble
stir blu
bow, humble, submit bɔbɔ
respect bu
think, think of, consider bu
disappear, loosebu
calculate, bu
do something, deliberatelybua
to throw, shoot, castda
to put, to place, da ɖe
to step over, leapda ata
to hire da (ame, ʋu)
to weighda (nu)
to shootda tu
to thank da akpe
to fail, to make mistakeda ƒu
to fightda kɔ
to voteda akɔ
to be fatda ami
to touchde asi ŋu
to go to or reach (a place)de
to seek, search, to desire, wish, wantdi
to appear, project, to be visible,do
walk out, to go out do go
to greet do gbe
to move or step forward, be promoted do ɖe ŋgɔ
to lend, borrow something, to buy on creditdo nu
to raise, exalt a person. do (ame ɖe dzi)
to price/cost somethingdo asi (ɖe nu ŋu)
to praydo gbe ɖa
to frighten (a person)do vɔvɔ̃ (ame)
to wear (dress, shoe etc)do (awu)
to ride a bike, horsedo (gasɔ, sɔ)
do (ati)to plant (tree)
it is nightdo (zã do)
to sleep dɔ alɔ̃
to sleep welldɔ agbe
to burst, crashdro
to put down or up (a load)dro
to have an abortiondro vi
to be sickdrɔ̃
be swollen and soredru
to snatch, pulldu
to fetch/draw water out of a welldu tsi
to fall off, dropdudu
to crumple, mashdugu
English Eʋegbe

to rain, drip, trickledza
to kneeldze klo
to buy (used for liquids only)dze
to be sick, illdze dɔ
to fall (down)
to fail
dze anyi
to start a journeydze mɔ
to become wisedze nunya
to lie face updze ŋe
to fall on,
to succeed
dze edzi
to split, crack, to make way, step aside, branch off to saw,dze
to know, recognize someonedze si
to make friends with, to be friend (someone)dze xɔlɔ̃
to rise (sunrise)dze
to appear, be visibledze
to bring forth, to beget, beardzi
to sing dzi ha
to drip, trickle, secretedzi
to swelldzi
to measuredzidze
to skip, fly, leap, jumpdzo
to tremble, shakedzo
to go away, leave, movedzo
to shake, toss, dzobo
be straight, be upright, righteous, right, fair, just dzɔ
to wait, awaitdzɔ
to born, happen, come into existence, come to passdzɔ
to collect, contribute, to pay or collect taxdzɔ nu
to vomitdzɔ
to ruminatedzɔ
to selldzra nu
to prepare, get readydzra ɖo
to hide somethingdzra nu ɖo
to prepare, arrange something, put in order, store up, preservedzra nu ɖo
to mix liquidsdzro
to search, seek, investigate, examine, discussdzro
to desire, long for, dzro
to insult, scold, dzu
to rest, cease, leave off, respiredzudzɔ
English Eʋegbe

lay eggɖa azi
take out ɖe
separate, remove ɖe...........ɖa
undress ɖe (awu, afɔkpa, etc)
exclude, excommunicate, ɖe le ha me
discriminateɖe ɖeklemi
to command, cry, roarɖe gbe
to marryɖe srɔ̃
to forget, distracted, neglectedɖe ŋu ɖi
to let a matter aloneɖe nu le nya me
to make way, to permit ɖe mɔ
to save (a person)ɖe (ame)
to vomitɖe xe
to move quickly, be fastɖe abla
to get down, descend ɖi
to bury, sinkɖi
to be cheapɖi
to prove power, to be effectiveɖi
to be ripeɖi
to be cleanɖi
to surprise, unexpectedɖi ɖe ame
to soundɖi
to take a walk, to go sight seeing, to visitɖi tsa
to be satisfied, to be fullɖi ƒo
to irritate, annoy,ɖia nu
to observe, to keep eye onɖia kpɔ
to slip, slide, glideɖiɖi
to be leanɖi ku
to arrive, to reachɖo
to sendɖo ɖe
to step/tread on somethingɖo afɔ nu dzi
to stop/cease/prevent something ɖo asi nu dzi
to spread/or arrange something on something.ɖo (nu ɖe nu dzi)
to adviseɖo aɖaŋu
to rememberɖo ŋku dzi
to assignɖo dɔ
to respond, reply, answerɖo (nya) ŋu
to board a vehicleɖo ʋu
to queue ɖo fli
to lay foundationɖo gɔme anyi
to become a thorn in the fleshɖo gome
to trust ɖo dzi ɖe ŋu
to decide, make one's mindɖo be
to set a day/date/time ɖo ŋkeke/ɣeyiɣi/game
to pay attention, to listen ɖo to
to be involved/get into somethingɖo (nane) me
to send off, see off,ɖo ɖa
to form big tubers, bulbsɖo
to describeɖɔ
to speak gently, reprimand gentlyɖɔ gbe
to be carefulɖɔ ŋu ɖo
to correctɖɔ ɖo
to overflow, to floodɖɔ
to urinateɖɔ aɖuɖɔ
to put on a hatɖɔ kuku
to exchange, to changeɖɔli
to have a dislocationɖɔli
to eatɖu nu
to enjoyɖu agbe
to spend, to embezzle, squander moneyɖu ga
to win, to surpass, to defeat, to overcomeɖu dzi
to celebrateɖu azã
to be kingɖu fia
to danceɖu ɣe
to lickɖuɖɔ
to trickle, leakɖuɖu
to whirl ɖuɖu