Ghana needs $5 billion to tackle flooding issues – Works and Housing Minister

The Ministry for Works and Housing says it will cost Ghana over US$5 billion to solve Ghana’s recurring floods.
Francis Asenso-Boakye, Sector Minister mentioned this when he met the media in Accra on Sunday.  



He said the government remains committed to finding a permanent cure to Ghana’s flooding situation.
“Some studies have been done, and they indicate that to address the flooding issue in the country, Ghana will need about US$ 5 billion to be able to address the flooding challenges across the country. This was done some time ago and so if we have to use it, we have to review it because a lot has happened since then.”
He further noted that, government has constructed 35 kilometers of drains while 1000 kilometers are at various stages of completion. But for this, he said that, The flood-prone areas in Accra, would have experienced greater dangers.
He urged the MMDCEs to ensure all structures on waterways are demolished as directed by the president.
As the rainy season has begun floodwaters have destroyed a number of properties in many homes.

Man, cow electrocuted in Accra after Friday rains

A man has been electrocuted after a high tension cable fell into clogged water at Railways in Accra, following the rainfall on Friday.
According to residents of the area, attempts to reach the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) were unsuccessful when the incident happened.
ECG officials later visited the area to disconnect the power supply.
The electrocution of the man is said to have happened between the hours of 8 and 9 pm on Friday.
Due to this, the residents blocked the road to prevent other people from being affected by the electric shock, since many had no knowledge of the incident.
“Around 8 pm yesterday, we heard someone shouting that somebody has been electrocuted so we came out to check. We saw someone lying in the water and also saw that one of the high tension cables had fallen into the water – the electric shock killed him.
“We did not touch him but rather blocked the road to prevent others from passing there. We don’t know him [the deceased] but someone says he is from Konkomba. We retrieved his phone, his bag and some money that were in his pocket,” a resident told JoyNews.
They appealed to the government to fix their road.
“Also, the ECG should come and work on the poles and cables, since we don’t have any authority to do so.”


A cow was also electrocuted in that same water.