#NoCallsDay protest against SIM card re-registration

The group, Concerned Mobile Network Subscribers says its members are scheduled to boycott all mobile network activities from 6 am to 12 midday on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.


The group has former Members of Parliament, Private Legal Practitioners, Members of Civil Society Organizations as well as Media practitioners, protesting the ongoing SIM re-registration exercise which is bedeviled with numerous challenges.


It earlier entreated the National Communications Authority to call off its directive to the public to re-register SIM cards, saying that the “attempt to impose this on subscribers or block their lines would amount to an infringement of their property rights.”



The group has gathered over 7,000 signatures online and are calling on all Ghanaians to join the #NoCallsDay campaign.


A Statement issued by the Concerned Mobile Network Subscribers reads “Following the failure of the National Communications Authority (NCA) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to address concerns associated with the legality and chaotic Sim-Reregistration Exercise, we the undersigned Concerned Mobile Network Subscribers, and the over 7000 online petitioners, call upon our fellow countrymen and women to join our campaign for a #NoCallsDay boycott  of the MNOs on Tuesday 8th February 2022.”

“The statement appealed to Ghanaians and all mobile network users within Ghana not to make and or receive calls and all associated mobile network activities from 6 am to 12 midday on Tuesday,”

The group speculates the SIM card re-registration exercise is Illegal and wants the following issues addressed;


(I) The NCA should immediately withdraw its directive for mobile network customers to re-register their SIM cards by 31st March 2022.


(II) Appropriate legal framework must be in place for any directives for sim re-registration to happen.


(III) A demand for the NCA and MNOs to come up with a better and innovative way of re-registering the SIM cards without the current chaotic and inhumane re-registration process we are witnessing up and down the country.


(IV) The NCA should direct the MNOs to stop using private phones of employees to collect subscribers’ biometric data.’’


If the NCA fails to pay heed to the February 8 call, the group says that will hold a full day’s (6 am – 6 pm) boycott on Tuesday 15th February, and same every other Tuesday until the appropriate action is taken by the NCA & MNOs.

Intanet menyo tututu le Tsibu-Awudome o

Intanet menyo tututu le Tsibu-Awudome o. 
Le egbe ƒe mɔɖaŋu kple ŋkuʋuʋu sia me la ame ateŋu awɔ dɔ alo asrɔ nu le afi sia afi wòle la bɔbɔe eye ɖe intanet ta.
Nublanuitɔe la me le duviwo kple kɔƒedu geɖewo me alea haɖe o; kaƒodɔwɔƒewo ƒe ŋuse mede blibo alo seŋu le teƒe aɖewo abe Tsibu-Awudome la ene o.
Tsibu-Awudometɔwo le Ho-West nutome la meteaŋu wɔa intanet ŋudɔ le wo ƒe aƒewo me o, negbe ɖe wodo ɖe ablɔ dzi hafi.
Nɔnɔme sia ta ne ɣe ɖo to ko la ɖekakpuiwo kple ɖetugbiwo do na ɖe teƒe si woɖe ŋkɔ na ‘network zone’ hafi ageɖe kame le intanet dzi kple xɔlɔ̃wo kple ƒometɔ siwo le gbedzi la.
Togbɔ be duamenɔlawo akpa gãtɔ nye agbledelawo koŋ hã la, asitɛlɛfon le wo katã kloe si. Ke kaƒoƒo kple intanet enye nusi ɖea fu na wo vevie elabe, kaƒodɔwɔƒe aɖeke ƒe ŋuse meli ke tututu ɖe afisia o.
Gɔmedzesuku, asisrɔ̃suku, agbalẽxleƒe kple dɔyɔƒesue le Tsibu du sia me. Le egbe ƒe mɔɖaŋu nyawo me la, dɔwɔƒewo, sukuwo, lamese dɔwɔƒewo kple bubuawo keŋ hĩa intanet hena zɔɖeɖe gake Tsibu mate ŋu aƒo adegbe le intanet ƒe kelili ŋuti o.
Assemblymenɔla na Tsibu-Dafor-Bethel ametia nuto Selorm Danso gblɔ na nutis.org be “hafi nakpɔ internet nyuie la, elebe natɔ ɖe Bethel junction, alo bus stop alo EP gbedoxɔ gbɔ.’

Egblɔ be MTN dɔwɔƒea le agbagba dzem be woatsɔ Mast avae be kuxi sia nu natso. Ke eƒo koko be dutɔwo kple wo ƒe ametsitsiwo bena woawɔ nuteƒe be mast la natu kaba.
Nyadzɔdzɔ dɔwɔlae menye eye intanet manɔmee la nye mate ŋu awɔ dɔ le nye aƒeme le Tsibu o eye nutis.org kple social media wo akpe fu, negbe meyi teƒe etɔ̃ siwo wona ŋkɔe be ‘network zone’ la dometɔ ɖeka. Metee kpɔ gake mede dzi nye o.
‘Fi ke xe woakpɔ network woasẽ koŋ enye bus stop’ dumevi aɖe gblɔ na nutis.org.
Hansbehks, Lukhaid Oba, Aroma4Christ wonye hadzilawo tso du sia me. Dɔwɔlagãgã geɖewo hã tso du sia me eye adzro mi be mianɔ aƒe vam kabakaba anɔ mɔkeke ɖum edziedzi gake nɔnɔme sia made mia ƒe dɔwo dzi o.
Nutifafa Feyi

Poor telecoms connectivity leaves Tsibu-Awudome behind


In todays technological world one can live, study and work from any location and still stay connected with the entire universe easily.

Unfortunately, rural Ghana still suffers the challenge of poor, telecommunication network connectivity. One such communities is my own home Tsibu-Awudome in the Ho-West Municipality where residents cannot surf the internet in the comfort of the homes.

Due to this internet connectivity challenge, a large majority of the youth in particular move to locations which are considered ‘hotspots’ to connect to the rest of the world on their mobile devices. There are only three such spots in the community.


Tsibu has a basic school, a vocational school, a library as well as a clinic. All of these facilities need internet to provide quality services. 


Even though residents are predominantly farmers most use mobile phones. They lament at the constant fluctuation of the mobile network services.


The frustration

In this day and age access to internet is a  ‘right’ in certain jurisdictions and making life easy for businesses, schools and health facilities among others. However, parts of Ghana still suffer unstable mobile networks.


At dusk young men in particular parade the roadside just to catch some mobile signals to make calls or visit Facebook and Whatsapp.


Selorm Danso the Assembly man of the area told nutis.org that “we receive strong signals at Bethel junction, the main bus stop and near the EP Church. It is a challenge because students and teachers are unable to engage in any meaningful research for their studies.”


He hinted work has begun to get MTN to plant their mast in order to end this frustration of unstable connection. He called on local stakeholders to cooperate for the mast to be brought in as soon as possible.



Personal experience

I am a journalist. Without stable internet connection nutis.org and social media handles could not be updated in the comfort of my home in Tsibu Awudome. For firsthand experience, I visited one of the three ‘network zones’ the bus stop, to upload some stories. I was not successful.


attempting to update nutis.org

The network kept fluctuating and not even a single story was uploaded the whole time I stayed there.


But one of the three mobile money vendors told me that of all the network zones’ this is where it is most stable. He said “at this point Vodafone and AirtelTigo work better especially in the evenings.”


I perceive that other natives of Tsibu Awudome who are businessmen and women, entertainers and so on would, like me,  love to frequent  Tsibu for sometime to enjoy the true warmth of family, fresh food, clean air and the serene atmosphere while we work. Unfortunately, the poor connectivity would not let us.

Nutifafa Feyi