Group of Ghanaian students in Ukraine transported safely to Romania – NUGS

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A group of Ghanaian students who were living in Chernivtsi in Ukraine have been evacuated to Romania, following arrangements made by the Foreign Ministry.
The students who arrived safely in the neighbouring country will be catered for by the Romanian government, a tweet by the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) on Saturday said.



According to NUGS, another batch of students, about 21 are expected to enter Hungary after spending some hours at the country’s border.



Some 150 students, including 400 Nigerians, are yet to set off from Ukraine.



“We have confirmed very reliably that Ghanaian Students who were in the City of Chernivtsi-Ukraine have arrived safely in Romania and are being catered for by the government of Romania as per arrangements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.

“Their food, shelter, and basic needs are all being taken care of. Train to Hungary safely on the move as well,” the student body revealed.



This comes in less than 24 hours after the government announced interventions put in place to evacuate Ghanaians to neighbouring countries.



The Foreign Affairs Ministry says a list of students caught up in the conflict has been compiled to facilitate the exercise, adding that plans are far advanced to evacuate them.
The move is in line with the closure of Ukraine’s airspace, a situation that has made it difficult to airlift people from the country.



Meanwhile, relatives of Ghanaians in Ukraine have been invited to a meeting on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.



The meeting will take place at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) at 10 am.



A statement issued by the Ministry on Saturday, February 26 explained that the meeting is in line with “the prevailing precarious security situation in Ukraine, which has necessitated the evacuation of Ghana nationals, among others from the country to safety.”

Ghanaian students in Ukraine to be transported to Poland

The leadership of Ghanaian students in Ukraine have set plans in motion to transport their members to Poland for safety.


The President of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) in Ternopil City, Richard Ofori, said Ghanaian students in the region, numbering about 250, are expected to be safely transported by Tuesday.


“Buses have been booked for tomorrow (Saturday) and Tuesday to transport students to Poland, about 200 to 250 Ghanaian students. We had to make the decision ourselves,” Richard said.


He said this on the back of a recent attack launched on Ukraine by Russia. Following this development, Ghanaian students in the region have sent home appeals for them to be evacuated.


Government in response has asked them to seek safe places of abode in the interim, while it works to ensure their safety in the country.


In a statement announcing this, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said it is doing its best to guarantee the wellbeing of Ghanaians.


“The Government of Ghana is gravely concerned about the security and safety of our over 1,000 students and other Ghanaians in Ukraine as we engage the authorities, our relevant diplomatic missions, and our honorary consul on further measures,” it said.


The students, however, have taken up the task of ensuring their safety. Richard said, “our national executives [NUGS] in Ghana on Tuesday spoke to some officials in Ghana, but we are also trying to be proactive from this side.”


He also noted that they have a 15-day ultimatum to make plans and exit Poland.
“In Poland, we heard we have a Maximum of 15 days to be there so within that 15 days we have to make plans and book tickets and fly out of the country,” he said.


Richard added that students are still living in fear.
“As of now I have been in touch with only a couple of guys on the Eastern side and most of them are scared and panicking,” he said.


“There is also a limit on cash withdrawals from some ATMs, so I started withdrawing yesterday, and I got just a small percentage of my money. Banks and shops have closed, a friend of mine told me there are queues at the various ATMs. The drivers are not even working,” he added.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched an unprecedented attack on Ukraine. The move comes after Putin ordered troops into two pro-Russian, breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine on Monday.


There have been multiple reports of explosions, bombings, and Russian Military vehicles entering Ukraine from various parts of the border with Russia, with a growing number of casualties being counted on both sides.