Torgbui Afede XIV Supports Coastal MPs

The Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State and Founder Africa World Airlines, Sunon-Asogli Power Limited, Business mogul and an International consultant has issued a cheque worth Three Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (Gh¢300,000.00) to the Southern Volta Communities affected by the recent sea erosion.


Torgbe Afede XIV, who issued three separates’ cheques worth One Hundred Thousand (Gh¢100,000.00) each, to each MP; Abla Dzifa Gomshie, Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey and Richard Kwame Sefe MP for Ketu South, Keta and Anlo respectfully said, the cash came from the Africa World Airlines alone.



He assured that this is just an initial move to help alleviate the challenges these MPs are going through as direct representatives of the people but more cheques will come from Sunon-Asogli Power Limited and perhaps from the Asorgli State itself to complement their efforts.



According to him he’s always torch to help people in need across the country including Volta Region and “it is something that we intend to sustain, which means that we should be able to come to you again.
This is just the first time; we are concerned about disasters across the country and this is happening at the most difficult time-the long closure of the border due to COVID-19”.



He said, they understand the pains people have gone through especially in the night where the waves raise to destroy things while people are at sleep and “we have identified ourselves with this situation and that is why we have responded to the MPs’ appeal for support and I have invited you to come for our widow’s mite”



The MPs were grateful to him and the Africa World Airlines as they promised to do the needful for the victims in the affected communities within their respective constituencies to benefit from the cash donations.
Abla Dzifa Gomshie, MP for Ketu South on behalf of her colleagues lauded the Torgbui for being a shining star for the needy and destitute nationwide, “we are the next generation after you and we are the blessed ones because we have the example right in front of us. It is our duty to also be the example to the ones that are coming after us”.



She expressed gratitude for the assurance that “we are going to continue to do our best and we thank you for the assurance that, we can always come and read from the fountain of knowledge that you have”

Kelvin Taylor likens Paul Adom Otchere to a KVIP fly

Kevin Taylor of “With All Due Respect” fame has described Metro TV’s Paul Adom Otchere as “the most dangerous person we have handed the mic to”. He calls him “a disease of a journalist and a KVIP fly that leaves a germ everywhere he sits”.  


He advised Ghanaians not to be shocked therefore, when they hear Paul Adom ‘rant’ on air telling lies and defending the NPP because that is his (Paul’s) make up.  “Paul Adom Otchere, typically was carved out of lies”. Kevin said on his platform.
Kevin Taylor further said that “Paul believes he is more intelligent than himself” and “cannot be taken serious.” The WADR host accused Paul Adom Otchere of always “looking out for his stomach and not what will develop the country…”


He warned Ghanaians, especially the youth to be careful who they pay attention to in the media. “It is not everybody with microphone wearing a ridiculous suit that has common sense.” He said in Twi.
Kevin Taylor applauding Togbe Afede XIV, the Agbogbomefia of Asogli State for rejecting the close to 4billion old cedis paid him as ex-gratia for serving on the Council of State, said, for Paul to insult Togbe for such heroic act baffles him. “Togbe Afede is a man of integrity. No politician can stand on any platform to say, this man came to me for this.” Kevin said.