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Cathedral saga: leave Duncan-Williams, Heward-Mills, others out of your chaos – Sammy Gyamfi to gov’t

Sammy Gyamfi - Nat'l Comms. Officer, NDC
The national communications officer of the National democratic Congress Sammy Gyamfi has critiqued the Akufo-Addo-led regime for dragging some revered men of God into the National Cathedral brawl.
The facility, in recent times has generated lots of arguments. Many Ghanaians wonder why in the midst of many pressing national needs, the cathedral should funded from the national purse.  
Sammy Gyamfi reacting to this on peace FM’s The Platform Program, said “I am a staunch Christian and growing up we had men of god we really honor and adored like archbishop Duncan Williams, Apostle Onyinah, Agyin Asare, Dag Heward-Mills they are our heroes and their contributions to nations cannot be underestimated. They are revered worldwide. “I’m pained that Akuffo Addo wants to tarnish their image.”
Sammy Gyamfi pleads with government to be truthful and transparent about the cathedral project to the people of Ghana.  


“Please don’t tarnish their image leave them out of your confusion. It looks like government wants to use this National cathedral project as another ruse to steal. Christians must be careful. If we allow this government to smear them (men of God) it will be a dent on Christianity” he added

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